• Kaja Hort


3 little poetries visualized with 3 little illustrations about the first impressions during quarantine after COVID-19 outbreak.

For me it is always important to disconnect now and then from my phone, from my computer, in general from the digital world. It gives me space for new ideas and to focus on my surroundings without interruption.

Now we are forced to stay at home and our only connection with other people is through the digital world. I have a strong need to connect with nature via long hikes or a surf session, while second is already prohibited I feel lucky that I am still able to go for a walk to reset and recharge my energy.

It is really interesting to see how mother earth takes advantage of this situation and how fast she recovers. We used Natur like everything else more as a product to sell, creating content for instagram to show our outdoor love and lifestyle more then really go and feel the earth, smell the plants, observing the circle of life and having an eye for the detail. When I go out now, I appreciate the clear air, the smell of flowers, I witness the growth of spring and I listen to the song of the birds. For a very long time I have the feeling to get in touch with the true spirit of nature again.

We entered an odyssey to become one with the world again.

#quarantine #quarantineart #odyssey #connectwithnature

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